DEPC Powder Coating:

What is Powder Coating? 

It's a type of coating that is applied as a dry powder. The Powder consists of a mixture of extremely fine ground particles of pigments and resins. 

The powder is applied to the part using an electrostatic gun. The gun uses a high-voltage generator to excite the powder up to 100,000 volts with a positive charge while the part being coated is grounded. This causes a natural attraction between the powder and the part. This produces a rich thick uniform layer of powder. 

The part is then heated (375F-400F) for a preset time. The heat during the curing cycle melts the powder and it flows smoothly over the part, adhering to the item. Once the powder is cured and the part cools, you're left with a beautiful and durable finish that's virtually indestructible! 

Parts are ready to be assembled at this time, there is no need for additional drying/curing time.
Powder Coat Electostatic Charge
DEPC Powder Coat Gun  Powder Flow
Powder coatingis an excellent alternative to paint, has twice the abrasion resistance, excellent UV resistance, excellent chemical resistance remains flexible and has superior corrosion resistance.
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